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Small Language Model
Reasonote / Revaly (Former: Collider, ORNL, Cadre5, )
New Pioneers, by Mark Henson

Luke Bechtel is a creative technologist, using tech to make a positive impact on people. He has a full-stack background, including industrial automation, neural network research, and 3D printing. He has contributed to open-source projects like Langchain, Trimesh and is currently exploring AI/ML. Also a lover of sci-fi, history, writing, and music production. Learn more about him by visiting his twitter, github, and linkedin (in that order :)

Hobbies include: reading (sci-fi, speculative fiction, history, research papers, assorted nonfiction), writing (nonfiction, poetry), spirited conversation, travel, improvisational acting, traditional theatre acting, digital music production, and playing live music.

He is currently working on Reasonote and seeking opportunities to apply his skills in the domain of AI / ML.

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